We Need Grownups both in Government and Voting in the polls.

Faults and all, you can't argue Reagan didn't have balls.

I'm so sick of the political in fighting.  The stale mates and the childish behavior of these people we are paying ridiculous amounts of money and not getting anything done.  I'm sick of all of you who vote based on whether there is a D or an R next to the name of a candidate and look no further.  I'm sick to death of the Get Out The Vote campaigns that get people who are focused on American Idol up to election day and then pick a candidate based on how "cool" they are.

We need adults in government and we need an educated voting populace.

We need term limits for the Senate and Congress both Federally and locally, because these people become ensconced in their jobs and succumb to corruption.  Jefferson wanted a citizen government and thats what we should have.

Cut the deficit right now by eliminating 200 members of congress and cut the Senate down to 50 senators.  No more two for everyone, sorry folks, economic times are tough and we had to make some cuts.

Here's a shocker:  Eliminate the term limits for president.

Yup, you heard me right.

The reason we have term limits is that the Democrats and Republican's desperately want the big office, and they recognize that if its completely equal and one side has a good candidate, or someone doing a really good job, the other side won't be able to oust him.

Consider WWII-- Franklin Roosevelt is considered one of the greats because he got us not only through that trying time, but also out of the depression.  If term limits were in place he would have left office in 1940, a year before the war started.

Yes I realize sometimes "my side" won't be in control.  I'd a lot rather have Clinton still in office now.  I like Billy boy and I think he did a great job.  He's among my favorite presidents.

By eliminating term limits for president we change the way the world deals with us.  As it stands now, adversary's know they can just wait out an administration-- eight years is not a long time to people fighting thousand year wars.  So negotiations are oft times ignored.

The president also faces two disadvantages-- in his first term he's got to spend time concentrating on re-election and by his second term he's a lame duck and his power domestically is lessened because everyone knows he's on the way out.

Create term limits for the Senate and the Congress because they become corrupt.
Eliminate term limits for the president because why the hell would you fire a guy for doing a good job? We hire them to run our country but then tell them they have to go no matter how they're doing?