Emerson College PRODUCING THE GRAPHIC NOVEL Online Course!


PRODUCING THE GRAPHIC NOVEL will introduce you to the final steps in your journey as a graphic novelist-- getting the work published.

You've done the hard work, you've written and drawn your epic-- now you need to explore the avenues available to see that work in print.

If you've ever wondered HOW to get your graphic novel published or what your options are, this is for you!

Pros and cons of both

Self Publishing in PRINT
Choosing a printer
Costs vs profit -- the goal is to MAKE money!
Getting an ISBN Number
Designing an effective Cover!
Distribution methods
Promotion methods
Creating a digital preview

Creating a Digital ONLINE Edition
Creating a digital comic strip -- how to build readership
How and where to host for free
Building it without knowledge of coding
Creating a website

Sending Your Work To Publishers
How to create an effective submissions packet
What to include
What to write
How to present yourself

We'll cover a lot in six weeks!

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