Van Heflin is the star of the day on Monday-- I'm not a big fan, he's okay, but a lot of his work leaves me flat.  THE PROWLER, for one, is a movie I consider over-rated, but you can see for yourself tonight at 1145pm.

LADY FROM SHANGHAI (1947) is on Wednesday at 1045am-- it would be a great movie if Orson Welles had opted to ditch the Irish accent.

GILDA is on at Midnight which is considered Rita Hayworth's greatest film.

Thursday is Toshiro Mifune all day-- whoa!
Great movies like SEVEN SAMURAI (1954) at 915am and YOJIMBO at 245pm-- you can sit back and watch a slew of classic Japanese movies with nary a rubber suited monster in sight.  Any movie tonight is my MUST SEE PIC PICK OF THE WEEK, but let's make it official with Seven Samurai-- which was later remade as THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.

Friday you can catch THE DEVIL DOLL (1936) at 715am which is a strange little film, but stick around for MATA HARI (1931) at 845am and KEY LARGO (1948) at Midnight.

The Essentials this week on Saturday at 8pm is LOLITA (1962) which is a film I get into fights with all my movie friends about-- I don't like it, won't watch it again and wish it would go away.  But it must be a classic if it's on the Essentials so check it out and see if I'm wrong.