Welcome July-- and Hot Weather Lovers, Are You INSANE?

Ah July.
That second hottest of all the months-- but when you consider 92 degrees with 100% humidity vs 96 degrees with 100% humidity does it really matter much?

We're in for two months of insanely hot weather here in the Northeast and all we normal folk can do is grin and bear it, while you out of your mind nuts who love this weather can help me try to understand WHY you love it?

Is it because secretly you longed to be a baby spider and therefore thrive on hot wet damp weather?
Is it the multiple showers you have to take a day?
Is it the chance to show off more of your wardrobe due to the fact that you have to change your clothes 2-3 times a day?
What is it?

I know, it's the chance to see more of your fellow Americans walking around showing more skin.  Have you been to The Wal*Mart lately?

Here you go:

That should hold you over for a bit, you sickos.

I've often found that the vast majority of the people who like this weather-- and they're out there-- spend 99% of said day in the air conditioning-- really?  Does THAT make any sense?

I can only assume that you lovers of hot weather have simply lost your marbles due to excessive exposure to said heat, and therefore it's not your fault.

Enjoy it-- October is coming, and I can't wait.