TCM This Week; NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, The Green Hornet!

I'm going to bet, without looking, that YANKEE DOODLE DANDY is on sometime this week, and that movie pretty much sums up my dim outlook for a good week, but lets give it a go anyway, shall we, hmm?

TARZAN AND THE LOST SAFARI (1957) is on today at 3pm.  It's one of the first Color Tarzan's and it features Gordon Scott who was the most muscular of the Tarzans which is a bit ridiculous-- was he lifting rocks in the jungle?  Leonard Maltin called this one 'a bit slow' which is frightening because he thought The English Patient was fast paced.

The whole day is jungles and explorers, which can sometimes be fun, so stick around.

WHISTLING IN DIXIE (1942) is on Tuesday at 330pm which is an entertaining little programmer with Red Skelton, who was the Jim Carrey of his time only he knew when to stop with the dopey faces, and therefore didn't wear out his welcome the way Jimmy did.

I think GONE WITH THE WIND is on at 8pm-- the first half is a great movie.  Leave at intermission with me and I'll buy the popcorn.

Wednesday is the Fourth of July so we've got THE DEVIL'S DISCIPLE (1959) which is George Bernard Shaw's satire on how the British lost the colonies, that's on at 1115am.

At 5pm is 1776 (1972) which is a musical about the revolution that Veronica HIGHLY recommends but I've never seen it.  Looks interesting.

At 8pm is (say it with me) YANKEE DOODLE DANDY (1942) which is a Jimmy Cagney movie featuring his dancing self-- I MUCH prefer Cagney as a gangster-- so I won't be watching but you can.

MILDRED PIERCE (1945) is on Thursday at 1015am-- it's a great film noir soap opera that is equal parts ridiculous and riveting.  I've seen it a dozen times and I'll still watch it when its on.

NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (1955) is on at 10pm, Charles Laughton's masterpiece about a serial killer (Robert Mitchum) after some children.  MUST SEE PIC PICK OF THE WEEK.  I showed this one in a film class at WAM and the audience loved it.

Saturday starts the showing of THE GREEN HORNET Serial from 1939, with three episodes beginning at Noon.  I gotta be honest, this is one of the weaker serials, but give it a go because you never know if you might get hooked.

SUMMERTIME (1955) Is the Essentials this week, it's listed as a Romance with Katherine Hepburn and Darren McGavin and it's directed by David Lean so I bet its good-- hard to get me to watch a romance but maybe I'll give it a try and you should too.