Greasy's Garage & Right To Repair

Greasy's Garage on Hamilton
The ability to choose your own mechanic is such a basic right that it boggles my mind that RIGHT TO REPAIR even became an issue.  Essentially what happened is that Auto Manufacturer's wanted to limit the information your local garage could get to repair your car, so that you, the consumer who bought the car, would have to go to the dealership for all but your most basic car repair needs.

Let me explain something to you that is a cold hard fact (Morgan Freeman voice);  IF YOU ARE BRINGING YOUR CAR TO A DEALER FOR ANYTHING BUT A WARRANTEED REPAIR YOU ARE THROWING MONEY AWAY.

Intially I wanted to say you are an idiot, but I've decided to be less negative here on the blog so I'll stick with throwing money away.  But wouldn't someone who throws money away be an idiot?  Make your own connection.

Some people don't realize dealerships charge 3-5x more than a private repair shop.   Another argument I've heard is that it's too hard to find a mechanic and the dealership is less likely to screw you over.

Excuse me?

Would you have a Level 3 Sex Offender babysit your niece because he seems like he's gotten his act together?  Would you put your faith in a politician that they are doing what they do for the common good?  Please.  Pull your head out of the pumpkin patch and wake up.

Finding a good local mechanic requires a bit of work;  1. Ask people who they use and why.  2. Try doing a YELP search for Mechanic.  Both of these things will take you about 3 minutes and you'll save thousands of dollars over the life of your car.

Here's my suggestion, thanks for asking.

I've been using Pete and John at GREASY'S Garage on Hamilton Street for the past five or so years and I can say without hesitation that I would recommend these guys, that I trust these guys and that they do spectacular work at extremely reasonable prices.

They are professionals who don't treat you like an idiot.  They believe in Karma (possibly the highest criteria in my book for anyone) and they deliver exactly what they promise and many times go above and beyond what is asked.

Don't trust me?  Do a YELP search and read some of the other rave reviews.

Back to REPAIR-- check the official website and do yourself a favor-- STOP using the dealership for your car repairs.