A Day in The Life...Day Two!

Galactus Commission going out in the mail
630am- up and showered, quick coffee and a hermit from Big Y.  No it's not a little man who barely comes outside (hey, that might be me) it's a cookie made from everything the bakery has leftover for the day-- which makes it amazing and surprising.

I'm up early to get this Galactus Commission in the mail before I head over to GREASY'S for an oil change and AC Tuneup before I get to class today.  The shop opens at 8am and I am notoriously unable to get there first thing-- fix that today.

735am- This is why I'm usually late-- stop by Grafton Street Cumbies for a cup of coffee to go-- the line is OUT the door.  Yes 99c coffee is a great deal, but please people, wait until after the morning rush hour to buy your lottery tickets.

755am- At the garage-- I am the first one here, Pete pulls up in his bright red Mini Cooper right on time.  They've redone the waiting room at the shop which now looks bright and open.  I take advantage of the Free WiFi to write a couple  of emails.

9am- I'm out already and on my way back home where I package up a few pieces of art besides the Galactus Commission.

10am- Late breakfast on the deck, I'm planning on working outside before class today on my laptop.

12N- At the museum for Class #2 of the DigiWAM session.  This class has been an experiment, running one full year as four parts of a whole-- this is the final leg of the program and we're now actually creating a video game which will be playable.

I've been teaching at WAM since 1999 and I especially enjoy the summer session.  It runs every weekday from 10-230 (in the past they've tried classes until 5pm too) and it's a more intensive session since it meets everyday.  It's easier to retain the previous lesson when it was only yesterday.  I have found that teen classes (14-17) tend to respond better to afternoon 1230-230 classes than they do the earlier 10am - 12N classes.  I have one of those later in the semester so we'll see how it goes.

These next few weeks are Workshop intensive-- this week I was already in Southbridge for a workshop, and later this week I'm in Malden and Swampscott, but today after class I have none so I'm going to take advantage of the "off" time to get some studio work done, namely that Batman piece I'm working on.

230pm- Another great class-- I wish I could teach this one outside though, the weather is stellar.  I've got some illustration and painting classes coming up later in the summer and if the weather cooperates I'll do some lessons outside.

In the past, I've even been known to take them to the park and play some Wiffle Ball as a way to unwind between art assignments.  Summer classes rock.

Lunch at home, Veronica made gourmet BLT's -- we decide to take a break and re-watch DAI MAJIN (1966) which has been running in my studio all week.  It's a really good movie-- monster or not.  More a drama than a guy in a rubber suit smashing things (although it does have that too).

5pm - Back to work on the Batman piece.  Client emails and says they got the comic page and they're very happy with it-- no changes needed.  That's how they all should go.   Publisher emails to see if I have any DRACULA progress I can give them to show at San Diego Comic Con this year, I'll get something together for it.

8pm- Walk the dog, it's a beautiful night.  We take a long trip around the neighborhood.

9pm- New episode of Deadliest Catch-- I really like this show about crab fishing off the Alaskan Coast-- and spent some time last year over the Bering Sea so I understand its challenges.

10pm-  Call it a day and watch BOWERY AT MIDNIGHT (1942) which is a Bela Lugosi film I've never seen.  Didn't think that was possible, and it was better than I thought it was going to be.