CHINA CLIPPER (1936) is on tonight at 10:30pm-- this is a neat little Warner programmer with Pat O'Brien and Humphrey Bogart set back in the day when flying was a big deal.

HAUNTED HONEYMOON (1940) with Robert Montgomery is on at 815am on Thursday-- its set in a Haunted House so right there I'd be willing to give it a chance, even though the scariest thing is bound to be Montgomery's acting.

Thursday's got quite a lineup including THE MANSTER (1962) at 930am which will have you checking your shoulder and THE GREEN SLIME (1969) at 545pm which is much better than it's name implies.

Friday's got HIGH SIERRA (1941) at 745am which is the movie that made Bogie a star-- and Ida Lupino is great too.  It's dated and hoaky but so am I.

DECEPTION (1946) is on at 12:45pm-- it's got a good cast including Bette Davis, Paul Henreid and Claude Rains-- it's talky and melodramatic but it's got revenge and, well, deception in it.  Always tough for me to see Bette Davis as a love interest-- she might be the single least attractive woman on the planet-- well outside of Babs Streisand anyway.

POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE (1946) at 245pm in which John Garfield and Lana Turner plot to murder her husband for the insurance money-- kind of like a working class DOUBLE INDEMNITY-- the movie is great up until the last 1/3 when it kind of falls apart.

THE BRIBE (1949) is on at 615pm and this is one you really want to catch-- it's the MUST SEE PIC PICK OF THE WEEK-- it's no holds barred film noir with a stunning ending.

WOMAN IN HIDING (1950) is a slightly overdramatic thriller on Friday at 8pm, it stars married couple Ida Lupino and Howard Duff and features some greedy murder.

At Midnight on Friday night (Saturday morning?) is THE TWO MRS CARROLLS (1947) which has too many R's and L's in its title but features Humphrey Bogart as an insane artist (is there another kind?) who paints his wives as Angels of Death and then kills them- probably not the best plan if you want to get away with it.  Also stars Alexis Smith, Nigel Bruce (Dr. Watson) and Babs Stanwyck.

Saturday we close out JUNE with DICK TRACY (1945) at Noon- this is a Grade B film with some real Film Noir aspects to it.  In the days before VCRs Channel 5 used to show this at 2am and I'd set my alarm to get up and watch it-- and it's that good.  Must see pic #2.

At 8pm the Essentials finally gets back on track with SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS (1941) which features Joel McCrea as a big time director who wants only to make a movie about the common man (he wants to make the movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou) so he takes off as a hobo and decides to find his way.  Along the way he finds Veronica Lake and Walter Brennan and you cannot miss the opening scenes of this one for some real slapstick GOLD.   Amazing film goes from Comedy to Drama back to Comedy to who knows what-- but its a shoudn't miss PICK #3.