GREAT BATMAN ARTISTS: Honorable Mentions

It's impossible to compile a list of only 20 great Batman artists-- and rather than go with 50 and lose every non comics reader of this blog I decided to weed it down and to make some choices.

But there are a few Batman artists who deserve mention that didn't make the final round of cuts;

Simon Bisley-- did an absolute great version of Batman for the book BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE in a story written by Neil Gaiman which takes place between the panels of a regular comic book.

Irv Novick was probably the best of the Neal Adams style artists who filled in when Adams was too busy.  His worked graced Batman books from the 70s all the way through the 80s.

Jay Stephens did a great take on Batman in one of the black and white books.   Stephens cartoony style and nice use of inks made him a perfect pick to illustrate a really unique Batman.

Bruce Timm defined the look of Batman to a legion of TV Fans who watched the Animated Series and all it's incarnations from 1992 until today.  His all too rare comic book work is stellar.

I don't know if Dave Bullock has drawn Batman or not-- I do know he should.

One of the reasons I hate doing these things is you get to the end and then realize you forgot someone-- in this case Mike Mignola-- who has drawn Batman a number of times including GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT which is one of the best Batman stories ever done anywhere.  Mignola's mastery of shadows makes him a perfect choice for Batman's shadowy world-- if he weren't content to make millions on Hellboy I'm sure he'd be working on it.

Dave McKean busted it out with ARKHAM ASYLUM-- his loose painterly experimental style was perfect to depict the madness therein.

And there are more-- but tomorrow we get to Batman Artist #1.