Working on the character only a handful of times, Trevor Von Eeden blew me away with his depiction of an almost devil like Dark Knight with the build and frame of Bruce Lee-- which is exactly how I picture the character.  Too many artists make him huge like a weight lifter but that would be ridiculous in the real world.  It's why Alex Ross' ultra realistic take on Batman comes across as a guy in drag to me.

Von Eeden's Batman looked like someone you wouldn't mess with.  Trim and fit.  Editor Denny O'Neil, longtime the keeper of Batman once said in an interview that his perfect casting for Batman would be Roy Schieder who looked like he did 100 pushups everyday before breakfast.

Von Eeden's best Bat-work was in the pages of Batman Annual #8 in which Ra's Ah Ghul was returned to his status as a James Bond quality villain.

TOMORROW: We're getting to the Big Boys-- the man who redefined Batman as a dark avenger.