COMICS Worth Reading

MARS ATTACKS from IDW hit the stores last week with a story by John Layman and art by John McCrea.  Mars Attacks was a trading card series in the early 60s painted by legendary Pulp artist Norm Saunders which showed horrible acts of violence by invading Martian Marauders-- just the kind of things that kids couldn't get enough of in the days before we strapped them in fighter pilot style complete with helmet before taking them on a ride to the market.

The book is being released with 59 alternate covers most of which feature the original card series art.  I'm not sure who's going to buy 59 copies but if it helps sales more power to 'em.

The book does what the Tim Burton movie of the same name couldn't do, it manages to take the concept and make it entertaining in a kind of crazy kind of way.

IDW is currently putting out some amazing books (more tomorrow).

Meanwhile, over at DYNAMITE Comics-- IDW's biggest rival for coolest comics right now--and in my opinion their best book among a slew of good books is THE SHADOW.  Written by Garth Ennis, for the first time since the original pulps in the 1930s, The Shadow is back in his real glory-- almost a supernatural figure-- he's more than just a millionaire in a slouch hat and cape-- he's the best of all the action heroes combined and he's written in the same blood thirsty manner of his greatest pulp adventures.

Check out both of them, along with the other titles these two companies are putting out.