Got a nice email from Mike in London saying he checks this blog every Monday for my TCM picks and asked if I might offer an opinion as to what I would consider recommending if I had my chance to program anything-- that's nearly impossible because I'm certain as soon as I finish typing I'll think of three dozen more movies I'd recommend, but here it is anyway, in no particular order;


THE MALTESE FALCON (1941) Bogie classic
OH BROTHER WHERE ART THOU (2000) The Cohen Bros BEST Film, hands down.
THE USUAL SUSPECTS (1995) Watch it closely then watch it again.
SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (1991) Hello Clarice...
THE FUGITIVE (1993) Harrison Ford is great, but Tommy Lee Jones steals the show as the US Marshall hunting him down.
JAWS (1975)
THE EXORCIST (1973) I recommend "The Version you've never seen" for best re-edit.  Max Von Sydow and a terrific cast, one of the best written films ever.
PSYCHO (1960) Hitchcock classic
SHADOW OF A DOUBT (1942) Hitchcock's Best.
GOLDFINGER (1964) If you're only going to watch one James Bond film this is it.
ARSENIC AND OLD LACE (1944) Cary Grant is great.
DUCK SOUP (1933) The Marx Bros were never better.
ED WOOD (1995) Tim Burton's best movie.  If I judged people I'd have no friends.
PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE (1985) Tim Burton's second best movie.
THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION (1994) Stephen King writes better than anybody when he's on his game, and he's on his game here.
DOA (1950) Film Noir Classic
DOUBLE INDEMNITY (1944) Billy Wilder's masterpiece
SUNSET BOULEVARD (1950) Okay, Billy Wilder's other masterpiece
WHO DONE IT (1942) Abbott and Costello classic
CHARLIE CHAN AT TREASURE ISLAND (1939) Doctor Zodiac is a great movie villain.
BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935) James Whale double feature
PHANTOM LADY (1944) Ella Raines Film Noir Classic
KISS ME DEADLY (1955) Mike Hammer gets it done.
SHAFT (1971) Shaft gets it done.
DIRTY HARRY (1971) Harry gets it done.

There are a lot more but that's a start.