Great Batman Artists #15; Bob Brown

Many artists have worked on Batman over the years, some for years, others in one shots.  I'm getting into the Bat guano here to find the best of the best.

Bob Brown could do Batman as Adam West
In the 60s at the height of the Batman TV Series artists like Shelly Moldoff, Carmine Infantino and Bob Brown defined the look of the character in the comics while still making it recognizable to the casual TV Fan who might pick up a book out of interest.

Brown wasn't as flashy as Infantino and was a better draftsman than Moldoff-- he was completely at home drawing the short eared Adam West-ish Batman which is amazing when you consider he could also draw the more badass Jack Lord HAWAII FIVE O style of the character just a few years later in the 1970s.

And he did the long eared Neal Adams style Batman too
After the show was cancelled the character returned to his darker roots, thanks to the work of Neal Adams, but Adams couldn't draw ALL the books Batman was in so it would fall to a few other artists to step up to the plate, and step up he did.  His version of The Batman (as he was then called) stood with Adams, Aparo and Giordano in the more realistic 70s version.

TUESDAY; BATMAN gets redefined.