Comics, Art and Comic Art!

Busy weekend!

This Saturday we'll be at FREE Comic book day in Bellingham Ma at FRIENDLY COMICS from 9-12-- stop on by and say 'ello and check out Ernie's great shop, get some free comics, free art sketches and maybe even buy something while you're there.

It's easily one of the nicest comic shops in the Northeast and Ernie is a terrific guy.

Speaking of comics-- if you've ever given a thought to making your own comics or graphic novels here are a couple of opportunities for you-- whether its a work of fiction or your family memoirs doing them in a graphic style-- and it's an artform that's one of the fastest growing--

COMIC ART - Worcester Art Musuem
Mondays 630-930pm starts May 7th (this coming Monday) $205

Learn how to lay out and draw a comic from beginning to end, combining words and pictures to tell a story. Look at the work of other comic artists from R. Crumb to Frank Miller and Marjane Satrapi for inspiration.
  • bristol or illustration board
  • sketch or scrap paper for compositional designs
  • small sketchbook
  • markers, quill, brush and/or india ink
We will discuss the use of non-traditional materials as the course carries on.

Where to Find Supplies

CC Lowell
   Hours: 21.00
Please Note:   (No class May 28)
Call 508.793.4333 to sign up or CLICK THE LINK

If you're looking for more advanced instruction and interested in working with experimental techniques and textures then head on over to Emerson College in Boston for on ONLINE class in Illustrating the Graphic Novel II

CE0356 Illustrating the Graphic Novel II: Advanced Theories and Techniques -online course  THURSDAY chat room style lecture with weekly assignments given.  Starts May 24th!  
Six-session course, summer semester $450.00
No longer simply comic books grown up, graphic novels can push the envelope in style and technique through creative  use of digital and traditional elements. This course will help you expand your artistic horizons as you begin or continue your graphic novel. Illustrating the Graphic Novel II is appropriate for participants who wish to further what they have learned in Illustrating the Graphic Novel I or individuals who want to begin exploring the many possibilities of this storytelling genre.

With the Emerson class we'll be working completely online which is the way I work with comic publishers today- so you'll get the most realistic look and feel at what its like to work in the industry.

Make a decision this Spring to work towards expanding your art horizons!