The boys meet not only Frankenstein, but Dracula and the Wolfman Too!
Tonight at 8pm is Robert Osbourne's picks-- so we get a glimpse into the taste of the guy who hosts our beloved film channel;

First up is CHARLEY'S AUNT (1941) with Jack Benny-- I've never seen it, but Jack Benny is hilarious so I'll give it a go.

At 9:30pm is SON OF FRANKENSTEIN, which is the weakest (IMO) of the original Frankenstein Trilogy and the first not directed by James Whale-- which probably explains it's shortcomings.  Basil Rathbone is the son of Baron Frankenstein returning to his family's castle where he is met with less than welcoming arms by the villages who were plagued by the creator his father built.  The kid in the movie is so annoying you'll be rooting for The Monster (played for the last time by Boris Karloff) to kill him.

The movie has grown on me over the years, and any Frankenstein film from Universal is better than none-- so give it a whirl.

Tuesday morning at 630am is ON BORROWED TIME (1939) which is about an old man and his grandson who trap Death in a tree.  Good fantasy film.

It's all Western's on Wednesday, so CJ set your DVR, but for those of us who prefer our Desserts Dusty rather than our Trails LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (1962) is on at 1230am- David Lean's EPIC film will make you call in sick on Wednesday but it's worth losing a day's pay and once it gets going it doesn't stop.

Thursday is a salute to Liza Minnelli which, short of a Barbara Streisand festival, is akin to having my eyes gouged out and then filled with salt so I'll be passing, but if you were dropped on your head as a kid and remain a fan you'll know what's on.

Friday the 13th at 8pm is CASABLANCA which is easily one of the top movies of all time, better in many ways to CITIZEN KANE which often overshadows it.  Bogie and Bergman are terrific and it's got the best supporting cast in the history of movies.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948) is on Saturday at 915am-- the best of the long running A&C films and one that respects the monsters but still has fun with them.  Bela Lugosi returns as Dracula thanks to the insistence of Lou Costello and it's only Lugosi's second time playing Dracula on film. THE MUST SEE PIC THIS WEEK!

At Noon is Tarzan and the Green Goddess (1938) which is the feature version of a Tarzan serial filmed under the direction of creator Edgar Rice Burroughs, who was frustrated that MGM had depicted Tarzan as a grunting ape-man rather than as a british lord.

The Essentials this week is A NIGHT TO REMEMBER (1958) which is a great telling of the Titanic story and makes James Cameron's movie look fat and slow by comparison.