Movie Reviews for Movies I've Never Seen: NO STRINGS ATTACHED

Hollywood re-invents itself with this delightful little comedy romp starring Ashton Kutchor and Jennifer Aniston (or Natalie Portman, does it really matter?), who are two hard working professionals with no time for a social life so they decide to extend their friendship to 'friends with benefits' status.

The hilarity ensues when they are on a camping trip, getting it on when they inadvertently roll down the hill crushing the dwarf family of a little person Wizard who decides to seek unholy revenge on them both by cursing them with both a body switch and permanent STDs.

Now seeing their formerly selfish selves through the eyes of the other person they do the only sensible thing and commit suicide in a double large GE convection oven just shy of Thanksgiving.

I'm not surprised this was such a big hit at the Cannes Festival last year, it's innovative use of shooting it with a camera with no film left most of the screen time up to the audience's imagination, and saving the rest of us the bother of watching the same Hollywood movie remade for the millionth time.

Four Stars.