Yup, that's muh wife!

I got an email from a fan who asked me if I knew the "Fish-girl" on Eleanor Magazine this month-- I sure do-- that's no fish-girl, that's my wife!

Some tidbits about Veronica you might like to know;

1.   She speaks and writes Japanese on an expert level.
2.   She can also speak French.
3.   She's more politically conservative than she wants you to know.
4.   She makes a mean Omelet and Killer Pancakes.
5.   Would eat cake for breakfast-- and sometimes does.
6.   Has a ridiculous singing voice.
7.   Can imitate any accent as well as any person, just not when other people are around.
8.   Is a terrible driver but an amazing parallel parker!
9.   Loves dogs.
10. Favorite food (after cake) is Indian.
11. She's taller than you think, at least to my mom.
12. Comes from a very talented family-- Mom is a dance instructor, Dad is a musician, sisters are both actresses and Aunt is an accomplished musician and teacher.
13. Once whipped a bagel at a squirrel, but I think the squirrel started it.
14. Is brave, but easily startled.
15. Has shown in galleries all over the world.
16. Has an amazing laugh and she's not afraid to use it.
17. Is a very loyal friend
18. Has an impressive collection of original art.
19. Could shoe shop 24 hours a day.
20. Is my best friend.