Page from Mercy Brown sequence
WEREWOLVES OF WISCONSIN is in the hands of its publisher, McFarland Press in North Carolina.  I've long been a fan of their scholarly books and having them branch into graphic novels and then contact me to participate is exciting.

My first book for them in the graphic novel genre is the above mentioned WWOW-- a book which looks at the myths and legends of monsters and ghosts from Gloucester Massachusetts to Lake Tahoe Nevada and back again.

I tried to add elements of humor amidst some of the darkness, and there are a couple of straight up attempts at comedy, but probably my favorite story in the book is about Mercy Brown-- the only recorded instance of Vampirism in the United States, and it takes place in nearby Rhode Island.

Mercy's family was dying off one by one, and town doctor's couldn't figure out why-- and vampirism seemed as likely an answer as anything.

The book is available around Halloween from McFarland's website or through Amazon or Barnes and Noble or other fine booksellers.

Now, for my next project with them....