WAM Salutes Jim Welu in Style!

Jim Welu addresses the crowd
I've been to a lot of events at WAM since I first started there in 1999, but the salute to Jim Welu, the outgoing director of the museum put them all to shame.  This was an evening that was outstanding in every way.

Actors were dressed to match the figures in the paintings to bring some of Jim's favorite pieces in the collection to life and both the costumes and the actors chosen were all perfect to a T.   The catering was also out of this world and I'm still thinking about both the Wasabi Apple Turkey Sandwiches and the mini Beef Wellingtons!

The Aztec headpiece rocked
Jim has been with the museum for 37 years and the director for the past 25.  He's the only director I know from my tenure there and he is honestly one of the finest gentlemen I know.  As an artist himself he brings a sensibility to his role that a non-artist may not share.  He's also got a terrific sense of humor and an ability to make you feel anything you bring to his attention is the single most important matter he has to face in his role as director.

I'm proud of the museum, and of my friend Jim who will remain in an active role with the museum as Director Emeritus.  

This was a night that really lived up to expectations, and I was happy to see such a great turnout.  This event is going to be hard to beat.